Durga Prasad PandayNational Winner
Designation: Secondary Level English Language teacher, English Stream and ISA coordinator
School: Padmodaya Public Model Secondary School
Years of Experience: 19 years

Durga Prasad Pandeya, National Winner, “PP Prasai Excellence in Education Award” for teachers, 2017 is a secondary level English Language teacher at Padmodaya Public Model Secondary School, Ghorahi, Dang. His academic qualification is M.Ed. in ELT and M.Sc, and has been in the teaching field for more than 19 years. His field of interest is project based teaching & learning; embedding international dimension in the curriculum. He is the English stream coordinator & ISA coordinator of his school. Durga Prasad Pandey was also able to qualify his school in the International School Award (2015-2018) from Connecting Classroom and British Council. Moreover, he is also working as a British Council School Ambassador voluntarily to support schools & teachers develop projects and embed core skills in the ongoing projects based on the national curriculum. Durga Prasad Pandey also acts as a role model for many.

Chandi Prasad PandeyProvincial Winner
Designation: Secondary School Coordinator and English Teacher
School: Shankar Nagar Durga Dutta Secondary School

Chandi Prasad Pandey, Awardee Province 5, “PP Prasai Excellence in Education Award” for teachers, 2017 is a teacher and coordinator. He is a master’s degree holder in Education (English) and Bachelor’s degree holder in Education and Arts (English and Education). Chandi Prasad Pandey is a Secondary Coordinator and an English Teacher in Shankar Nagar Durgadutt Secondary School, Rupandehi. He is not only a teacher but also a Lifelong Member of Nepal Red Cross Society, Rupandehi.

Januka NepalProvincial Winner
Designation: Principal and Nepali Teacher
Years of Experience: More than 27 years

Januka Nepal, Awardee-Province 3, “PP Prasai Excellence in Education Award” for teachers, 2017, is a Nepali subject teacher and a principal. She has been teaching for more than 27 years and is very passionate about doing so. Januka Nepal is a master’s degree holder in English and is also doing her P.H.D. She believes that making a change in our world and that being nice means more than scoring good marks. Januka Nepal involves students in various projects and also uses different methods of teaching.

Hem Kumar KhadkaProvincial Winner
Designation: Nepali Subject Teacher
School: Adarsha School
Years of Experience: More than 33 years

Hem Kumar Khadka, Awardee-Province 1, “PP Prasai Excellence in Education Award” for teachers, 2017 is a principal of Adarsha Secondary school, Jhapa. Hem Kumar Khadka who was born in Dhulabari,Jhapa has been teaching for more than 33 years. He teaches Nepali subject in his school. Due to his problem solving skills, innovative projects. Hem kumar Khadka believes that the job of a teacher is to guide the students and make the learning process fun.

Chandra Bhandari NeupaneKarnali Provincial Winner
Designation: Principal
School: Shree Nepal Rastriya Basic School, Birendranagar
Years of Experience: 28 years

Chandra Bhandari Neupane, Awardee-Province 7, “PP Prasai Excellence in Education Award” for teachers, 2017 is a primary school teacher. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and is currently teaching in Shree Nepal Rastriya Adharbhut Vidyalaya. Chandra Bhandari Neupane empowers women education and provides education to the dalit community. Due to his determination and interest in teaching, he has won the PP Prasai award.

Birendra K. SinghMadhesh Pradesh Winner
Designation: Teacher
School: Shree Janta Secondary School
Years of experience: More than 13 years

Birendra K. Singh, Awardee-Province 2, “PP Prasai Excellence in Education Award” for teachers, 2017 is a teacher. He holds a Master’s degree in Education from Tribhuvan University. He currently teaches English, HPE and Child Developed Education at Shree Janta Secondary. Birendra K. Singh understands his students and provides separate classes for struggling students. For better understanding he uses visuals like flashcards and presentations.